Why be mindful?

water lily reflection

The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly. This involves thinking present tense, paying attention on purpose, being curious and being accepting of what is going on around you.

To train your brain to be mindful, you need to :

♦️Pay attention

♦️Focus on the feeling of your own breathing

♦️Be conscious of your thoughts and focus on what is most predominant in your awareness. For example, the sounds, sights, feelings, the weight of your body, and the rythm of your breathing.

♦️Acknowledge the awareness of the present moment, giving yourself space to heal, reducing stress, anxiety, intensity Of pain and feelings of depression.

Why is self knowledge useful?

According to the Indian Sage, Ramana Maharshi:
“Wanting to reform the world without discovering one’s Self is like trying to cover the world with leather to avoid the pain of walking on stones and thorns. It is much simpler to wear shoes”

Colour Me Happy

We can decide to be happy? ? ….It’s a strange thought as we often depend on external things to make us feel happy.   Focus on a new thought “Happiness is a decision you make”

Consciously choose to be happy by making a habit of  the following things:

Rise and Shine

People who get up earlier are reported to have a higher overall life satisfaction.   Now that summer is here, I resolve to get up a bit earlier – do some yoga and some mindfulness meditation.  Time to unplug your mind and just be instead of doing.

Get your circulation going

Release those endorphins – get moving!  Jog, run, walk etc.  Our SA weather is great and there is no excuse to not get some fresh air.  Vitamin D is important too – so get some early morning rays before the sun gets too hot. You will feel good!

Get some social support and connect with friends – It’s bound to improve your mood

Release some oxytocin by connecting  or reconnecting with positive friends, who improve your life.  Chat, laugh, relate, empathize.

Find a therapist to dump on

If you have issues on your mind, find a caring, objective therapist who can create a safe space to explore your thoughts or give you some coaching to get you going.

Exercise or do gym at your best performance times

Check when your energy levels are at their peak, and do your gym or exercise then. As we all know, exercise helps assists with emotional regulation.  If you hate the gym, try putting in some earphones and playing some action music.  “I know that it gets me through the 20 minutes on the exercise bike”.

Say YES to things that enrich you and NO to the things that drain you.

Accept that you cannot be everything to everyone.  Set some personal and professional boundaries.  Are you working so hard  – because you are like a hamster on a treadmill  -or because you don’t know how to stop?

Get yourself a life coach who can examine your motivation and help you to focus on your work/life balance.

  1. Look at your life from a grateful perspective

Sure – everyone has troubles in their lives . We are quick to complain and not so quick to take a minute and be grateful for our life circumstances.  Make a habit of practicing gratitude daily.   Fire your inner critic!

  1. Practice the Best Self-Care for You.

Look at the things that make you happy and relaxed and add these to your daily habits – either listening to music, do some creative colouring in, watch a comedy show.

Make a concerted effort (now, today) to add some of the habits to your daily routine