Should I visit a Therapist?

Are you thinking of going for therapy?  Preferably not the long term kind?  While identifying and diagnosing conditions rests with the psychiatric profession, short term help with distress, trauma or difficulty with relationships is the domain of the therapist or registered counsellor.

There are some signs that it may be time to seek professional help.  They are:

  1. You have suffered a traumatic incident, and you cant stop thinking about it.  This need not necessarily be linked to something violent, as trauma comes in various forms, and death of a loved one,  divorce or a break-up can be equally traumatizing.
  2. You are feeling a bit “down” and have done for a while.  You also may have varied physical ailments i.e. headaches, gastric disturbances, etc.  There is often a link between the physical and the emotional, which can manifest as physical symptoms. Have yourself checked out by your GP to rule out a medical condition.
  3. To cope with your life, you are self medicating with substances such as over-the-counter tablets, alchohol and cigarettes.  Life in SA is particularly stressful, deadlines are looming, and you have been neglecting exercise, healthy eating, mediatation, etc.  If you are constantly feeling anxious, you need to get help.
  4. You are irritated and snappy most of the time and are pushing the boundaries of your most cherished relationships.   Perhaps it is not the relationship, but your view that is causing difficulties.  It is often easier to externalise, than look at yourself with a critical eye. Perhaps some of your friends have shown concern?
  5. You have been missing deadlines and have been underperforming at work. You may feel a bit disconnected from the job you used to love, and your attention and concentration are suffering.
  6. You are not enjoying your activities as much as you used to.  Often a session with a therapist can help you regain your focus and assist you to see new possibilities.
  7. You have been living with strained or uncomfortable relationships for too long.  Visit a solution focussed therapist to discuss, review and look at possibilities.

As a solution focussed therapist, I collaborate with the client to isolate the difficulties and work towards solutions, all the while taking a warm empathic, non judgemental stance.  Call for an appointment on 0117873486